About Proxy US

Proxy US has been created to provide users with the opportunity to use a quality free US proxy with little or no hassle. Our service avoids the common problems that netizens encounter when surfing the web- blocked pages and unfair restrictions. We believe that information should be available to all and want to let you surf the net knowing that you are doing so with complete privacy. US proxy can help you bypass content blocking from governments, employers or schools. Although proxies are known to reduce risks from viruses, spy ware and malware attacks, remember that you can never be 100% safe on the internet. Please use the service responsibly and take some time to read our privacy statement.

We do not ask users to install anything, the service works through your normal browser. Note that connection speeds will differ between users, and North American proxy users will most likely experience the best connection. Having said that, we welcome users from all over the world and do not restrict non- US proxy users. Favorite sites visited by our users include: Google, Myspace, Bebo, CNN, Facebook and Twitter.